Carriers Liability Coverage
  Container Specification
  Hazardous cargo
  Quick Conversions
  Terms of Bill of Lading
  The price of a transport service  
  Quantity, amount or degree measured or applied  

That part of a transport charge which the carrier agrees to return.

  A written acknowledgement, that something has been received.  
  Reefer Cargo  
  Cargo requiring temperature control.  
  Reefer Container  

A thermal container with refrigerating appliances (mechanical compressor unit, absorption unit etc.) to control the temperature of cargo.

  The process of splitting up shipments into various consignments (degroupage) and combining these small consignments into other shipments (groupage).  
  Release Order  
  A document issued by or on behalf of the carrier authorising the release of import cargo identified thereon and manifested under a single Bill of Lading.
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Roll-on Roll-off
Abbreviation: RoRo
System of loading and discharging a vessel whereby the cargo is driven on and off by means of a ramp.

The track along which goods are (to be) transported.

  The determination of the most efficient route(s) that people, goods, materials and or means of transport have to follow  
  The process of determining how a shipment will be moved between consignor and consignee or between place of acceptance by the carrier and place of delivery to the consignee  
  The process of aiding a vessel's navigation by supplying long range weather forecasts and indicating the most economic and save sailing route.