Carriers Liability Coverage
  Container Specification
  Hazardous cargo
  Quick Conversions
  Terms of Bill of Lading
  Federal Maritime Commission (Control of Shipping acts USA)  

Full Truck Load, an indication for a truck transporting cargo directly from supplier to receiver.

  Factory Delivery  
  The delivery of goods by a factory whereby the goods are put at the disposal of another (internal) party such as a commercial department.  
  A vessel normally used for local or coastal transport (for carriage of cargo and/or containers) to and from ports not scheduled to be called by the main (ocean) vessel, directly connecting these ports to the main (ocean) vessel.  
  An indication of the country in which a means of transport is registered through a reference to the ensign of this country.  
  Capable to be set on fire under given circumstances. (Amendment 25 IMO DGS).  
  Flash Point  
  The lowest temperature at which a good produces enough vapour to form a flammable mixture with air.  
  Flat Rack Container  
  A container with two end walls and open sides.  
  Any group of means of transport acting together or under one control.  
Force Majeure
  Circumstance which is beyond the control of one of the parties to a contract and which may, according to the terms and conditions, relieve that party of liability for failing to execute the contract.  
Fork Lift Truck  
A three or four wheeled mechanical truck with forks at the front designed for lifting, carrying and stowing cargo.  
Forty Foot Equivalent Unit  
Abbreviation: FEU  
Unit of measurement equivalent to one forty foot container.  
The party arranging the carriage of goods including connected services and/or associated formalities on behalf of a shipper or consignee.
Forwarding Charge
  Charges paid or to be paid for preliminary surface or air transport to the airport of departure by a forwarder, but not by a carrier under an Air Waybill (air cargo).  
Forwarding Instruction  
Document issued to a freight forwarder, giving instructions to the forwarder for the forwarding of goods described therein.